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3R Makes Electrifying Changes

3R Premiers Windows XP in the fourth quarter of 2008, available on PowerDVR 100,200, 400, and 800 Series Models. The introductory 100 series offers 16 channel DVRs with up to 4 fps per camera recording an extremely affordable price. The 200 series wins the popularity award this year, offering 120 fps with both 8 and 16 channel capabilities. The 400 series DVRs are boasting 240 fps system recording with 16 channels and The 800 series DVRs are boasting 480 fps system recording with 16 channels.

PowerDVR's Newest Debut

The Ultima800 series Digital Video Recorder struts down the production line with great pride in the spring of 2004. The 800 Series offers 16 channels of video plus an incredible 2 channels of audio standard. (Also standard on PowerDVR200 and 400 Series Models.) The Ultima800 brings you up close and personal with its real time recording at 480fps.

Value pricing is in effect. Pricing on the 100-200-400-800 series has had price reductions by as much as 10%

Embedded DVR products have been dropped to reflect 3R focus on PC based DVR solutions and remote monitoring solutions.

PowerNet200 is now no charge and will allow customers multisite remote connectivity with emap capability and view profiling.

Remote connectivity via web browser is now available at no additional charge.

POS software is now available to work with TVS or AVE interfaces.

Central Monitoring System Software is now available for remote monitoring of a large number of DVRs and supports multi monitor displays.

Dynamic IP Support is now available.

External Storage with up to 1.6 terabyte per unit can increase storage capability to as much as 5.5 TB total.